General information about Santorini

Santorini Map

Santorini is one of the most known islands of the Cycladic complex, situated in the central eastern part of the Aegean Sea. Santorini consists of a few small islands; its landscape was formed by the several volcanic eruptions that took place throughout the centuries.

Santorini is still today an active volcano, although there are no signs that the volcano could erupt any time soon.

What remains today, are the caldera and the submerged volcano, which is visited by tourists and travelers from every corner of the world. The name of the island comes from Saint Irine, although it is also referred to as Thera.

Santorini is a perfect mixture of tradition and modernity. It is a well appointed and fully touristic place, featuring an impressive selection of infrastructure and facilities, as well as beaches.

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Santorini Beaches

Kamari beach in Santorini

Kamari beach in Santorini

Beaches in Santorini are famous due to their diversity: featuring volcanic soil, they are mostly red, black and grayish, attracting thousands of tourists.

The most known are Kamari, Monolithos and Vourvoulos. Santorini is also home of two important archaeological sites of the Cycladic Complex, including Akrotiri and Ancient Thera.

Santorini is by far one of the top tourist destinations in the world and has been repeatedly voted as one of the most romantic and stunning places in the world.

Santorini Hotels and Apartments

Hotel in Santorini

Hotel in Santorini

Santorini is one of the most touristic places in the world, but it is also the place where a vast and impressive array of accommodation options can be found.

In fact, there are numerous luxury Santorini hotels offering stunning views to the volcano and the caldera, hotels that seem to be suspended on the cliffs and rocks of the island.

Private balconies, swimming pools overlooking the volcano, cave hotels, and a large number of elegant and luxury hotels are located on the two main villages of the island, Fira and Oia.

However, Santorini also features accommodation options for all tastes and budgets, ranging from camping sites in Santorini to studios and rooms to let.

Tourists, who wish to visit Santorini during the high season in summer, are required to make reservations early, because of the crowds that flock to the island especially in August.

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Santorini Car Rental

Fira in Santorini

Fira in Santorini

As a perfectly organized and equipped tourist island, Santorini offers a large number of car rental agencies that feature well appointed fleet of vehicles and motorcycles, for all budgets and preferences.

Agencies provide all possible conveniences to their clients and they can deliver the vehicles everywhere on the island: from Santorini airport to port or hotels, car hires can meet all requirements.

Clients and tourists can also require additional information on the island, as well as recommendations on sites and places to visit.

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Santorini Property



There are numerous people who decide to leave their countries or cities of origin and stay on Santorini permanently.

Real estate agencies on the island can be of great assistance in finding the best properties and houses for sale, as they are familiar with the best locations and available estates on the island.

Doing business with a credible and licensed agent on the island is of course recommended.

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Santorini Yacht Charter

Oia, Santorini Sunset

Oia, Santorini Sunset

Sailing in the Aegean and especially around Santorini is a unique and memorable experience.

There are yacht charter agencies all over the island, from where you can rent a boat, sailing or motor boat depending on your preferences and knowledge.

There are boats of all sizes and types available, and you can use one to sail in the Aegean Sea, among the Cyclades complex. For the most adventurous, Santorini can be the starting point of a nice and enjoyable cruise towards the Dodecanese complex of islands, or even towards Crete, as the southern part of the Aegean is challenging and definitely worth sailing in if you are a savvy sailor.

If you are up to something less adventurous though, there are daily boats that can take you to the volcano or nearby islands, glass bottom boats that will give you the chance to see the deep of the sea, or Cruise ships that give you the opportunity to enjoy a Sunset Cruise in Santorini . Whatever you choose, yachting and sailing in Santorini is an absolutely breathtaking experience.

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Santorini Weddings

Church in Oia

Church in Oia

Santorini is one of the top wedding destinations in the world; this comes as no surprise as it is always included among the most romantic places to get married or have a honeymoon.

Santorini weddings are known all over the world, due to the state of art services provided on the island, but also due to the memories born: an unprecedented landscape, elegant and cosmopolitan atmosphere, amazing locations, a mixture of tradition and luxury, a mesmerizing place to be, Santorini is the absolute place to celebrate love and the beginning of a new, joined life.

Santorini captivates you from the first moment you set foot on its soil. Is it the volcanic aura? The long and rich history? The mystery and the magic combined? The breathtaking scenery? Maybe it’s about the combination of all these unique elements, that is hard to find in such diversity and variety anywhere else.

A large array of weddings take place on the island; civil weddings or traditional Santorini weddings in one of the numerous chapels, everything goes. Ceremonies can be arranged everywhere on the island, although the most popular and common places are Fira, Imerovigli and Firostefani; however, Santorini weddings can take place in your hotel, in a terrace overlooking the Aegean, even on the volcano, depending on your desires and wishes.

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