Cheap Holidays in Santorini are the Perfect Getaway

Are you looking for that perfect couples getaway, you know the place you can get away from it all and enjoy that romantic love again? There are some perfect cheap holidays in Santorini available for doing just that.  The island of Santorini sits in the Greek Islands and is one of the most romantic places in the world.  The island is interesting and unique as it was formed from volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago.  Add that uniqueness to the beauty of the Aegean sea and you have the perfect getaway.

Cheap Holidays in Santorini Make for Romance

This island is the stuff of fairy tales and fictional books. There is a true awe inspiring beauty to the entire island, and to go with this beauty are some of the most luxurious, and elegant hotels included in your cheap holidays in Santorini. One such hotel is the Belvedere. This hotel sits in the mountain mist and from the rooms you get an excellent view of the island.  Imagine yourselves enjoying mountain and sea views while having an exotic candle lit dinner.

Cheap Holidays in Santorini May Include a Trip to the Wineries

Ok, so there is the romance, but even the most romantic of places has to have adventure, and activities too.  Take a tour of the wineries. The Boutari and the Antoniou offer great tours. You will be fascinated with the way wine is made, and the scenery of the vineyards is also spectacular.

Ready for the beach? Head over to the red beach, this is a great beach to take in the sun and play in the water. This is a great place for couples to enjoy themselves. If you are up to more adventure then you will want to enjoy scuba diving or head over to the historical site of Akortiri.

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